North Shore Snorkel Spots


This is the end of the road, literally. The last beach accessible by car on the north shore, Ke'e's gentle ocean lagoon is best utilized in the calm ocean conditions of the summer. The lagoon is protected from waves by reefs which provide good snorkeling during these seasonal calms. A view of the entire Na Pali coast stretches westwards from this point. Public parking, bathrooms and showers. Very crowded beach, you must get here early because parking is very limited and shared with parking for the hiking trails. We actually recommend if you are planning on snorkeling at Ke'e or Tunnels you pick up your Aria Mask from us the afternoon BEFORE you are planning to snorkel. That way you can get there early enough to be able to find parking.


Makua is known for its incredible mountain scenery featured in the movie, "South Pacific." A great snorkeling beach, Tunnels has something for everyone. The shallow inner reef is great for the novice and children, while the outer reefs are exhilarating for the more advanced divers and snorkelers. Tunnels gets its name from the surfers who have seen the tube and divers who have found the caverns. Tunnels. Same as Ke'e, you should plan to arrive here early (see above) as parking is very limited. Do not park anywhere labeled as "no parking", towing is expensive here.


A tranquil stretch of beach protected by Hawaii's largest coral reef. Facilities include bathrooms and showers. The snorkeling at Anini is usually pretty decent as long as the open ocean on the other side of the reef is calm. When the ocean is rough outside the reef visibility drops so the snorkeling is not as good. There are a few spots to focus on at Anini. The first is BEFORE the boat ramp. When you approach the FIRST house on the right, there will be two “beach access” walkways in between two homes with parking on the grass. These fenced pathways lead to a lagoon-type area popular with turtles, rays, eels, and all types of fish. This is a very calm and safe area without the fear of a “rogue overhead” wave attacking you. The second spot would be past the boat ramp and pavilions and continue into the residential area. You can park on the side of the road and be right on the beach. There are numerous channels in this area, some spots the reef will be very shallow, but another 5 feet to the left and its 25ft, over to the right it might be 40ft. You actually have to go out pretty far into the water (around 80-100ft distance) to get to the good stuff. It is a huge reef, and it remains shallow for a long distance. . There are many spots here where you can be floating over a shallow portion of the reef with little effort, but you are viewing an area that is 20-30ft deep and full of all sorts of sea- life. This area of Anini has channels in between the reefs that can reach depths of 60 feet. You should be cautious around the deeper channels and be aware of any currents.


Moloa'a Bay has a few good snorkeling spots in the bay and are quite fun if the ocean is calm. It's best not to enter the water during high surf because strong currents can develop and it's easy to be pulled out to sea or pummeled into the shallow reefs in the bay. Take a few minutes to observe conditions and if waves are breaking over the reef don't go in the water.

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