Aria Snorkel Mask

Welcome to the next-level in snorkeling. Aria's full-face design allows the user to breathe through mouth and nose, without biting down on a mouthpiece or choking on saltwater. The dry top snorkel system allows you to dive comfortably down to 8-12ft, while blocking any water from enetering the snorkel tube or mask. Since there is no water in the airway you can just breathe when resurfacing without the need to purge. In the rare event that you do get any water in the mask there is a one-way valve in the chin that will allow any water to drain out, or you can choose to blow it out. Aria sports the largest and brightest vision field of any mask available, is super comfortable, extremely leak resistant, and provides zero fogging.

Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef is based in Italy and has been a family-owned business for over 60 years. They are considered pioneers in the SCUBA industry and have received many awards and accolades for their cutting edge technology and inventions. One of their noted designs was the first-ever full-face SCUBA mask they introduced in 1996 called "Neptune". They continue to manufacture the Neptune masks today, and have constantly strive to improve on their design. One of the additions to the mask was communication modules, which now work with Bluetooth technology. Some of their biggest clients are Military as well as Underwater Construction and Shipbuilding firms.

In 2010 they began designing the first-ever full-face snorkel mask based on what they had learned from their Neptune mask. They released and marketed the original full-face snorkel mask called Easybreathe in 2012 under a company in France called Tribord. Ocean Reef owns the original design and use patent for inventing the full-face snorkel and they still manufacture the Easybreathe mask. Aria is their next generation, and has many improvements from their continued research and development. Aria has more accessories available than any other mask, and the list continues to grow..

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